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Material Specifications

Data Sheets and Technical Information on 
Plastic Materials

Plastech Corporation, a leading thermoformed plastic manufacturer, offers technical data sheets on thermoplastic sheet materials, and properties and suppliers.

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KYDEX® Data Sheets
ManufacturerMaterialData Sheet Link
KYDEX®High Impact Fire Rated SheetKYDEX® 100
KYDEX®Fire Rated Sheet for Mass TransitKYDEX® 6200
KYDEX®SMP800C Compliant Sheet for Mass Transit ApplicationsKYDEX® 6200LTR
KYDEX®High Impact Fire Rated Sheet with a color match cap over a field of color substrateKYDEX® 311
KYDEX®Weatherable and Decorative SheetKYDEX® 510

KYDEX® is a registered trademark of Kleerdex Company, LLC. 
Kleerdex Company, LLC is now KYDEX, LLC.


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Spartech Data Sheets
ManufacturerMaterialData Sheet Link
SpartechRigid ABS SheetROYALITE® R21
SpartechFire Rated ABS SheetROYALITE® R24
SpartechRigid ABS SheetROYALITE® R12
SpartechGeneral Purpose ABS SheetSP-9010
SpartechKorad® Capped ABS SheetSP-9011
SpartechEconomy ABS SheetSP-9010
SpartechFire Rated Rigid Acrylic/PVC SheetROYALITE® R52
SpartechFire Rated Rigid ABS/PVC SheetROYALITE® R59
SpartechSmoke Rated Fire Rated Rigid PVC/Acrylic SheetROYALITE® R60-LS (R61)
SpartechFire Rated Polycarbonate ABS SheetROYALITE® R71/920

ROYALITE® is a registered trademark of Spartech Corporation


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LyondellBasell Data Sheets
ManufacturerMaterialData Sheet Link
LyondellBasellSequel E3000Contact Plastech
LyondellBasellSequel E4000Contact Plastech
LyondellBasellIndure 1500HGContact Plastech



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3M Structural Adhesives Data Sheets
ManufacturerMaterialInfo Link
3M3M™ Scotch-Weld™ One-Part Epoxy Adhesives; Metal PrimersClick to View
3M3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Two Part Curing AdhesivesClick to View